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 Adaptogen, mushroom & tonic herbal beverage blends & powders to better your mind, body & soul


WAnt to reduce your waste? 

Try our compostable refill bags and be rewarded with 15% extra free!


What is a plant


Plants are our allies. Since time began, they have provided us sustenance, shelter, clothing and inspiration. Some special plants have been used for centuries in rituals to better the mind body and spirit. 

Misty Day Plant Potions draws on this traditional Western & Eastern herbal medicine to bring you the very best that the plant world can offer. 


Beautiful easy to use  blends of herbs easily able to be made into a health giving elixir, or added to smoothies, desserts or any other foods.


We also offer medicinal mushroom extracts and other herbs to pimp your coffee, tea, breakfast or potion!

None of our powders contain gums, fillers, thickeners or sweeteners so you are just getting pure plant goodness. 


We love and appreciate our mother earth so we choose to operate with as little plastic and non reusable waste as possible.  Now we are taking that pledge one step further by offering your Potions in compostable refill bags. Same price but you get 15-20% more powder. Just pop into your old jars at home.

We use less resources, you get more potions for your money and the environment wins. 

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