A traditional Chinese herb, He shou wu,  is a magickal and mythical herb.  The story around how the herb began to be used as a medicinal herb centres around a middle aged Chinese man that finds, love, rejuvenation and a reinvigoration for life in the root of a heart shape leaved vine, he shou wu.


Basically, the premise is of a young man who finds he is infertile and becomes depressed which leads him into alcoholism, he ages prematurely, his strength, hearing and vision fade and his hair starts to go grey.  One day he stumbles home drunk and falls asleep in the forest, only to wake to see a twined vine with heart shaped leaves. He digs up the vine and takes it back to his village where a monk advises him to prepare and eat the root as he thinks it will restore his vitality and fertility.

To cut an already long story short, after taking it for a few weeks he got back his vigour, hearing and vision and he marries a local widow and they have 19 children. His hair turns black and stays that way until his death at 160 years old.


So this sums it up really – He shou wu is one of the original Chinese longevity tonics and is used even now to support healthy aging - maybe not to 160 though! These mythical magickal actions can somewhat be explained in the modern world. It seems that He shou wu may support the natural production of some of the body’s own antioxidants, in particular super oxide dismutase which is shown to have a potent antioxidant action thereby slowing down the ravages of time!


It is also thought to support healthy red blood cell production and blood circulation. Which of course supports healthy physical performance, brain function and energy levels.  This may also be where the fabled traditional use for hair revitalization comes in, as improved circulation may help to get nutrients to the hair follicles, thereby “feeding them” the root  also contains zinc, which is required for pigmentation in the hair and skin. Im still buying my hair dye! 


As for the rumpy pumpy stuff from the myth -  this is where he shou wu really hits its stride! It is thought to support healthy "male" function and and those zinc levels support healthy hormone synthesis .... oh la la !!


Of course, a tonic is not a tonic without having at least some action on the nervous system and he shou wu is no different – it is shown to have a tonic action which aids in supporting harmony and balance to a stressed mind.


He Shou Wu is a yin herb, which means it correlates to and encourages feminine/receptive energy. Many people feel more balanced both in mind and body with this herb. “Traditional Chinese Medicine also relates how He Shou Wu can support our intuitive abilities, inspiring spiritual awareness, creativity, and heightened intuitive guidance.


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions consult your healthcare practitioner before use. 


He Shou Wu Extract Powder

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