Keeping a healthy vital immune system is not just about winter. It is a year round endeavour.

The immune system is like an army. Immune sentries constantly scan the periphery in search of intruders. If an intruder is spotted, the sentry draws his weapon, sometimes using it, while also hollering out for the rest of the troops. Once the intruder is taken down, other members of the army come in and scan the intruder, making sure they can recognise any clones should they try and break the border.

Ensuring the immune system troops are healthy and happy means that they are more resilient and stronger in the face of intruders – clobbering them before they have a chance to take hold. Making sure you have a healthy diet, ensuring adequate sleep, keeping stress at bay, getting some sunshine, having good healthy relationships and doing moderate exercise are all shown to boost immune function. So, make sure you get all those bases covered.

There are herbs and mushrooms which help support a healthy immune function. This formula has been formulated using immune tonics from Indian, Chinese and Eastern European traditions. So whats in this Defend Potion?


Chaga Coming to us from Eastern Europe, chaga is a fungus, universally known as the immune shroom. Highly antioxidant, chaga contains immune modulating beta glucans alongside anti-inflammatory terpenes making it premium immune food. It also helps to feed gut flora and fortifies the gut lining helping to train and care for immune cell babies. Chaga is also thought of as an adaptogen, a herb which aids in supporting resilience in the face of stress.


Cordyceps Coming to use from Tibetan and Chinese traditions, cordyceps has a more recent reputation as a gym bunny performance tonic. Prior to this time, cordyceps has long been used as a vitality, heart and lung tonic for older folks. Containing immune modulating beta glucans , cordyceps supports healthy immune function and healthy respiratory health.


Turmeric Coming to use from Indian traditions, turmeric is widely thought of as just a curry spice but it way more multifaceted than just a player in a vindaloo. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory , turmeric has long been used as an immune tonic – often with other spices such as cinnamon and ginger.


Astragalus Coming to us from Chinese medicine, astragalus is a favourite immune tonic for herbalists. Intended to be used over extended period of time, astragalus is shown to support healthy immunity. It is also THE herb for supporting healthy recovery from illness and supporting healthy energy restoration.


Amla A nutritive tonic , amla is a favourite in Ayurvedic traditions , where it is called a rasayana – a whole body tonic. High in vitamin C and polyphenols, amla has a special affinity for the immune system and also for the adrenals, which take a pummelling when under environmental and emotional stress.


He Shou Wu - A traditional Chinese remedy, this highly antioxidant herb is high in minerals uch as iron and zinc which support healthy immunity. He shou wu is thought of as a restorative tonic for people low in energy and for those in the exhaustion phase of the stress response. 


Cinnamon A warming and stimulating spice, cinnamon supports healthy microbial and blood sugar balance and also tastes sweet!





Defend Potion

  • Turmeric*, Chaga Extract**, Cordyceps Extract**, Astragalus Extract*, He Shou Wu Extract, Amla*, Cinnamon* 

    * Organic 

    **Dual extracted, organic extracts, tested for heavy metals 

  • Add one level teaspoon to tea, coffee, smoothies/juices, desserts, baking or just take mixed into water ( if you are brave)