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A perfect green potion from the Misty Day cauldron, Beauty is definitely a secret weapon against the skin demons that come every night and suck out your youth!  I formulated this baby expressly for moi and my fading beauty ( cue mini violin symphony) - I dont even get whistles and beeps anymore ( not that I ever actually wanted them, but you notice when they are gone!) 


Anyway - this lovely blend is definitely more than a sum of just its parts, but lets break down the parts a bit... 


Marine collagen powder - So, I hunted high and low for this powder. It comes from highly purified, waste fish scales from the culinary industry. It does not contain any endangered species ( is certified, and non GMO ingredients) and doesn't have any fish smell or taste. It also contains a whole buncha amino acids which provide your body with the raw ingredients to make new skin. Also - cool thang about collagen is that it is thought to stimulate the cells that make said skin. It does this by looking like skin cells when it is in the blood stream- the smart old body sees these marine collagen bits and thinking they are skin cells goes - "there must be damage somewhere, better support those skin making cells so they can heal" Biohacking at its finest. 


Organic Japanese Matcha - Matcha is jam packed full of antioxidants including catechins that beat off the free radicals that can cause damage to our skin. It also - handily has a little caffiene to support your wakefulness  and alot of theanine, an amino acid that supports focus. 


Amla - A tiny little fruit that bats above the average in the vitamin C scores. It has about 5 times more vitamin C than oranges and as its not synthesized in a lab from god knows what - we tend to absorb it better. 


Vanilla - It comes from an orchid for pitys sake! If that isnt a magical potion, then I dont know what is ( okay - maybe eye of newt).  Vanilla, alongside being totes dreamy and comforting is also thought to support a sharp mind and bring the bliss your way...


This blend is creamy and dreamy and can be made with a matcha whisk with water or with mylk. It is also super nice in smoothies, ice cream .. you freaking name it. 


Contains 18 serves.



Please note - This product is not vegan. If you would like a vegan  beauty option please see our Pretty Brew 


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding seek guidance from your health care practitioner before use.

Beauty Potion

  • Marine collagen peptides**, Japanese matcha powder*, coconut powder*, amla powder*, vanilla, Himalayan salt


    ** sustainably sourced GMO project verified * organic ingredients 

    Contains fish 

    If you would like a vegan option please try Pretty Brew