• Misty Day Plant Potions


This seed mix is intended for the luteal phase.

From days 14 to 28 for those of us that have a 28 day cycle - this is the period during which progesterone takes centre stage. Thus the seeds in the blend are intended to enhance the production of progesterone. As the luteal phase includes the "premenstrual phase"I have made this blend a little more pleasurable and sweet. Cacao nibs to give that magnesium hit for muscle and mental relaxation while freshly ground cinnamon provides a sweet aromatic vibe while also helping to balance blood sugars to keep you from eating all the cooking chocolate out of the pantry. Ginger is in there as it is such a great circulatory stimulant to get the blood warm and vital and also as an anti-inflammatory for those who suffer cramping and prementrual headaches. To really enhance to action of this seed blend I have added the beautiful queen of the mushrooms - reishi. Its actions for calming the mind and supporting a sound sleep are perfect for the premenstrual phase as is its liver detoxification and anti-inflammatory actions.


1 cup sesame seeds

1 cup sunflower seeds

1/2 cup cacao nibs

2 teaspoons of ginger powder

1-2 sticks of cinnamon (star anise and nutmeg -optional) - grind fresh

2-3 teaspoons Misty Day Plant Potions Reishi Extract

2 tablespoons maple syrup or monkfruit extract

Add all ingredients into a pan until its heated through and dry. Put into a glass jar and store in a cool dry place.

As this is the luteal blend - have 1-2 tablespoons per day from day 14 -28 of your cycle.

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