• Misty Day Plant Potions

Orange Chocolate Adaptogenic Oats

Brrrr.. its getting cold out there!

Its just the time to start replacing smoothie bowls with warming, nourishing, piping hot bowls of oats. This chocolate orange bowl takes advantage of all the goodness of citrus which are gracing us with their seasonal immune boosting presence right now. In addition I have added the immune modulating powers of ashwagandha & cordyceps powder. These magical gifts from nature also support endurance, stamina and recovery.


1 cup rolled oats

2 tablespoons cacao

1 teaspoon MDPP ashwagandha

1 teaspoon MDPP cordyceps

2 teaspoons date paste (optional)

1 cup oat mylk

1 cup tangelo juice


Cook together on the stove top until oats have absorbed the majority of the liquid.


Drizzle with peanut butter, nuts and seeds and top with mandarins or tangelos