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Functional Mushroom Spread

In the quest for wellness I am certain many of us would forgo taste for function but in the case of mushrooms - you get both in barrels. They have all of that super nutrition -essential protein, gut loving fibre, micronutrients and even vitamin D. They of course contain other phytochemicals which supply that next level of physiological benefit - immune support, cognitive health, stress adaptation, respiratory and cellular health and the list goes on.

And they taste good! In all my many years of cooking with mushrooms, I think this super nutritional functional mushroom pate would have to be my favourite thing. Creamy but chunky enough to be used as a spread or cubed to add to salads - this stuff is the bomb.



2 cups mixed mushrooms

1 cup walnuts

1 large onion or a couple of small ones

6 cloves of garlic

A bunch of parsley

2 teaspoons of fresh rosemary leaves

2 teaspoons of Shroom Squad

2 tablespoons of coconut oil


Dry roast walnuts until fragrant then pop into a food processor.

Chop onions, garlics and herbs. Saute togther for about 10 minutes.

Tip the mushroom mix into the walnut mix along with the two tablespoons of coconut oil and shroom squad and process until mixed through.

Scrape mixture onto greaseproof paper.

Roll mixture up in the paper and roll ends like its a lolly!

Put into the fridge overnight until it is "set"

I reckon you will all LOVE this so give it a go!