• Misty Day Plant Potions


Getting emails from customers is always nice.

Getting emails from customers saying that they have been drinking your potion and now they think they are enjoying sex more is next level nice.

That actually happened last week and I am pretty damn happy about it . You see, when I put together my potions, I think long and hard about the intention for the potion and the plant magic that I want to use. I think about the energies of the plants, their traditional usage and then I wrap them up in a powdery bouquet. Hoping that the combined energies in the potion will resonate with the people that feel drawn to taking them and produce an effect. Even though I have these intentions and the traditions and energetics of the herbs suggest a certain effect, it is always a very pleasant surprise when someone says "Hey that potion makes me feel great"

So anyway this review was from a lovely customer who really felt as though our Lovers Potion had made a positive influence in her enjoyment of sex. If that is not winning, then I don't know what is. In light of this , I thought I would give a breakdown on the herbs in our Lovers Potion and throw together a caramel slice pimped with the benefits of these beautiful herbs.

SHATAVARI - In the asparagus family, this beautiful herb is a mucilaginous herb which is cooling and moistening making it perfect for the hot flushes and vaginal dryness of those entering perimenopause. It also energizes the vital force and is though to be an adaptogen, getting the body back into balance especially during periods of hormonal stress. This herb is a firm favourite of many herbalists and it is not hard to see why.

DAMIANA - Full of volatile oils, damiana is a perfect example of a magickal herb which is at once relaxing to a mind which is overwrought, grumpy or anxious or down and stimulating to the senses of the brain and body .Traditionally it was prepared as a sweet tea by the Mayans and Aztecs to stimulate lovemaking and is featured in mystical folklore for its spiritual, feminine powers.

MACA - Used throughout generations by the Incans, according to traditions, maca is an aphrodisiac and enhances sexual drive. From an energetic perspective, maca is sweet and nourishing and like shatavari also has moistening qualities. Maca is also thought to be an adaptogen with an affinity for hormonal balance and physical endurance. We only use Seleno Health Maca in our Lovers Potion as it is fair trade, gelatinized and the best quality you can get!

CINNAMON Cinnamon is warm and stimulating, so it tends to warm up the interior and get the energies and fluids moving in the body. It also has a sweet and astringent energy to it so it nourishes and tones the tissues as well.

CAYENNE - While cinnamon is warm, cayenne is hot and really does a great job at helping to disperse energy and the other herbal energies in the potion to the periphery.



1 1/4 cup almond meal

4 tbsn dessicated coconut 2 tspn MDPP Lover Potion

2.5 tbsn coconut oil

4 tbsn almond butter

3 tspn maple syrup ( or a couple of drops of liquid stevia for keto slice)

Caramel :

50 g coconut oil

1/2 cup coconut cream

2 heaped tbsp. almond butter

2 tbsp maple syrup ( or keto alternative)

Chocolate Top:

1 bar of Lindt 85-90% Chocolate melted

2 tspn MDPP Lovers Potion


Add all ingredients to a food processor and pulse until combined. The mixture should appear crumbly, but should hold when pressed together between two fingers. Press firmly into a loaf pan or small slice pan (15 x 23 cm/ 6 x 9 inches). Place in the freezer while you make the caramel layer. Caramel layer

Melt the coconut oil in a small saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly, until it’s heated through and starting to bubble. Add the remaining ingredients and stir until combined, then reduce heat until just simmering, and cook 5-10 minutes or until it starts to thicken. Pour over the base and spread evenly. Return to the freezer while you make the chocolate layer.

Chocolate layer

Melt the Chocolate over a low heat and add in the Lovers Potion, stir well to incorporate and then pour over the base and caramel layer and then refrigerate until ready to eat!

There you go Lovers!