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Astro Herbalism For The Fire Signs

Updated: May 1, 2019

I am lucky enough to have a very dear friend who is not only an amazing astrologer but also a herbalist ( we trained together). On a warm afternoon last year, we lounged on my back porch and talked medicinal herbs and their correlations to astrology. From the ruling planet, to the elements, modes and the body part correlation, we pulled it all apart!

Neither of us are experts by any means so this information is not intended as the be all and end all! There is alot more to your sign than your sun sign, but its a bit of fun. Watch this space for more astroherbology as I am starting a course soon!

Okay - I am going to break it down into the elements and the signs within. Lets start with those fire sign folks! When in balance they have boundless energy are enthusiastic, take risks, people who who love a bit of drama and fun and may be the joker of the bunch... Do you have one of these in your tribe?



Ruled by Mars which in turn channels drive and assertiveness and energy ( and some would say confrontation) . Aries are, at their core, innovators and energetic drivers. Whilst being revolutionaries, they are also prone to being single minded in their drive and may be prone to overworking and stress or hardcore partying which in turn can lead to heat, dryness, inflammation and erratic energy levels. As Aries also guards and rules the head, eyes and brain can lead to headaches, anger and eye strain ( along with those likely hours on the computer, building their empire) . This is often coupled with muscle spasms

Herbs and activities which really support and suit Aries - they have a-lot of energy and are often active relaxers so while the rest of us think they are mad, crossfitting like a demon, they actually get a sense of calm from high intensity exercise, running and flexing their muscles. Just make sure they keep well hydrated and avoid exercising when it is too hot.

As they love to work and socialize and burn the candle at both ends - they can develop erratic energy levels and become irritable - so Aries can really benefit from the calming adaptogens- the herbs which support their drive to be ultra physical, but also calm a brain prone to irritability and anger. I think the best options would be Reishi and Ashwagandha as these herbs are also helpful for reducing inflammation and the muscle aches and pains Aries are prone to.

As an Aries out of balance can also suffer from tension headaches, mood swings and feeling anxious - they also benefit from the nervine herbs which help to both calm and restore a nervous system that is struggling to cope. My picks for a Aries under pressure would be Passionflower, California poppy or Vervain.

If the eyes are affected by eyestrain then Blackcurrants, Maqui, Goji and Bilberry are all indicated.


Ruled by the Sun which in turn channels vitality and life force along with personality and self expression. These vibrant folks of the fifth house are goal oriented and can achieve through sheer will and sustained determination. They also love to party and are well suited for the limelight with their natural exuberance and vitality. On the flip side a Leo out of balance may become easily bored with reality and pleasure seek with overindulgence in food , drink, drugs and sex!

As a fire sign, a Leo out of balance is also prone to over heating, inflammation and as they are ruled by the sun- a propensity towards sunburn! Leo also rules the heart so while Leo may easily draw in potential suitors ( with a flick of her luxurious mane and a fiery sparkle in her eye) she may be slow to let anyone into her heart. The physical heart can also be affected by a Leo out of balance, with usually a nervous heart and palpitations ( I have a lot of Leo in my chart and can attest to a nervous heart) being the first signs with hypertension and other circulatory issues coming next. As Leo also guards the spine, make sure you guard the back as injuries and nerve displacement and degeneration are also part of the unbalanced Leo.

The best foods for a Leo are cooling and moistening foods such as salads and vegetables and they should also make sure to keep the water bottle close as they are prone to dehydrated tissues. The best adaptogens for Leo would be a cooling option of which Siberian ginseng or Rhodiola is they are both cooling and also have strong cardiotonic actions perfect for supporting the Leo heart. If that heart is all a flutter then the beautiful Leo herb Hawthorn is a perfect for cooling support for functional heart and circulatory issues while the heart melting Rose brings down the Leo heart walls, allowing the space to allow someone into your heart.

As yellow also has a major association with Leo, then Calendula, for red inflamed skin eruptions St Johns wort for nerve pain from dodgy backs and spines and the nutritive, moistening Sunflower all have an affinity to Leo.


The centaur is ruled by the giant Jupiter, the planet of expansion and knowledge but also of luck. They love to learn and can either be serial students or that friend that loves to travel to culturally diverse places, all the while collecting new language and culinary skills. Jupiter is also thought to influence risk taking so the sagittarius may be prone to lucky breaks or to accidents and destructive ( YOLO) actions.

If the latter is the case, then detoxifying herbs such as Burdock and Dandelion are great options for detoxifying and cooling an overheated Sag. As you cant mention Sagittarius without talking about broken bones and sporting accidents Sagittarius benefit from bone and tissue building nutritive herbs like Horsetail , Nettle and Amla . Gaining flexibility with yoga would be perfect for Sagittarius also as it allows time for reflection and centering of the mind, body and their sometimes wayward spirit.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs so watch out for sciatic pain from over exertion or pain in the hip, lower back and buttock area. Helping to dampen down inflammation is key for Sagittarius so the anti-inflammatory adaptogens such as Chaga, Ashwagandha and the rejuvenating tonic herb He shou wu would be the perfect morning elixir base. In addition, making sure the body has time to fully recover from injury or exercise in these high achieving physical people - think Cordyceps and Turmeric and make sure of an adequate intake of essential fatty acids and cool that fire with plenty of liquids!

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