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Raw Vegan Adaptogenic Tart

So it was the first day of spring here yesterday and lo and behold it was freaking beautiful.

Like, half of Auckland was strolling in a park, in short sleeves, taking photos of spring flowers, grinning maniacally and saying to anyone that will listen " What a day huh? I hope the rest of spring is like this!"

Then today, the weather gods are like "Bahahah... you peeps are so gullible! I tricked you, its now going to rain every day until December and I might even throw in some unseasonable snow and maybe a huge tornado"

Anyway- I was all jazzed up after a magical sunny day so thought I would whip up a pretty little tart to cash in on my sunny day vibes.

So I used hemp seeds in the base which arent legal yet but thats just silly so they are in there to contribute some protein and good fats, alongside the super nourishing black sesame powder.

The filling is a classic cashew cake with the added calming benefits of added cosmic brew and ashwagandha.

Its pretty damn good.

What you need & how to make it!


1 cup hemp seeds

1 cup dates

4 tablespoons black sesame

1 tablespoon coconut oil

Whizz everything up in the food processor and then press into a lined or greased tart tin. Put in the fridge to set


5 tablespoons cashew butter

5 tablespoons coconut cream

2 teaspoons cosmic brew

2 teaspoons ashwagandha

3 teaspoons maple syrup

Blitz in the food processor until blended. Then pour over the base and freeze until firm.