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Shrooms For The Win

Mushrooms. They are polarizing things.

You are basically in one of two camps with them. The " I would happily eat them everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of my life" camp or the " don't come near me with those weird things, they are in the mould family, for pities sake" camp.

And to be honest, they are kind of weird. Although most folks think they are plants, nestled in with the celery and spinach in the fridge, they actually are not. They are in their own lil funghi family as they cant make their own food like plants, they absorb it from their surroundings and they don't breathe carbon dioxide like plants- they breath oxygen like us. Spooky....

Anyway- we humans have been eating them and getting their benefits for many thousands of years. In fact, Otzi, the 5000 year old iceman discovered in 1991 was carrying both a tree shroom for firestarting and also another birch tree dwelling shroom which was though to have been used as an antiparasitic (those were wormy times). This birch tree shroom is thought to be a close relative of the modern day Chaga ( Inonotus obliquus)

Chaga is a black parasitic funghi that lives on birch trees. It is a very potent antioxidant and contains immune stimulating polysaccharides so is second to none for supporting those with immune system dysfunction, inflammation and digestive issues.

It is also thought to ( by some texts) have adaptogenic actions, whereby it has a non specific action in bringing all body systems back into balance. This is especially important when under periods of stress. One other action of chaga which has not been clearly established but is intriguing none the less, is that the large amounts of melanin pigment in chaga are thought to perhaps have a role in decalcifying the third eye to aid enlightenment and connection to your spirit.

Another pretty amazing shroom is Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus) This guy!

Yeah, as you can see , its not that kind of lions mane. This shroom is like the brainbox of the mushroom class. It is shown to enhance something called NGF or neurotrophic growth factor. This pretty much does what its says - supports the maintenance of optimal nerve function which means good things for memory, coordination and learning.

As it is also thought to be neuroprotective, lions mane is also indicated for degenerative nervous system disorders. In the same way it is also though to be helpful for those who feel irritable, nervous or down in the dumps. This fluffy mushie is also thought to support healthy immunity and gut function as well.

Both of these gems are in our Shroom Brew alongside the magic of gotu kola for reduced alertness and increased focus and a bit less of the nervous nellies. All rolled up with cacao and peppermint. This brew is a great option for those trying to quit the demon coffee as it gives a bit of an energy and brain boost but without the caffiene crash and burn.

All of our shrooms are dual extracted which means you get all the nutrients out of them ( shrooms are actually made of the same stuff that insects and squid are made from so can be hard to digest and assimilate the nutrients) and they are 100% organic, which is pretty important as they suck up environmental toxins.

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