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Blissful Immune Winter Warmer

Brrrr.. considering winter is a couple of days away its bloody freezing! Like proper, feet like iceblocks until midday, cold.

This morning I whipped up this kick ass little hot smoothie drink to try and warm my cockles and get my shit together to start the day instead of just cowering under the heatpump in my jim jams.

Its a pretty awesome brew. I blended together our amazing adaptogenic Bliss Brew with the some pretty special fresh herbs - turmeric and ginger.

Ginger has a very warming and expansive action - it stimulates the circulation to drive oxygenation and nutrient delivery while also dampening inflammation. Its volatile oils will also have an antimicrobial action for sure. Turmeric really needs no real introduction. Its pretty much thought of as a panacea - with over 300 phytochemicals within it - it has a range of benefits from antimicrobial, immune and mood support through to the anti-inflammatory benefits everyone raves about. Its also pretty good in a curry.

I have blended these two fresh herbs with Bliss Brew which contains: ashwagandha - immune modulator, stress buster and energy booster; mucuna- the mood herb; he shou wu for those that are a depleted; astragalus for the immune system all blended up with organic cacao, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric.

To give this drink an amazing mouth feel and give it some good fats I added in some cashew butter and some MCT oil to get the brain going!


2 cups boiling/hot water

2 teaspoons Bliss Brew

Finger of turmeric and ginger

Dash coconut cream

Tablespoon MCT oil

2 tablespoons cashew butter

Teaspoon of stevia

Add some coffee too if you like!

Blend and enjoy.

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