• Misty Day Plant Potions

Unicorn Shake

Another amazing entry into our Misty Day Master Competition. Chantelle and her daughter Keziah are prolific smoothie and nutritious treat makers and very creative. Chantelle thought she may not be "creative enough" to enter the competition but I think that this creation is next level and could easily be served in the Misty cafe ( when I start one!) Chantelle & Keziah are Misty Day Masters ... Take it away Chantelle

"Inspired by a pic of a crocshake unicorn 🦄 shake, here's my refined sugar free version for a nourishing breakfast, made possible by the misty day plant potions vibrant vitality tonics 🎨 This was surprisingly quick to make, and great fuel after a good barre and yoga workout.

RECIPE Pink 💗 layer: 1/2 cup coconut milk 1 Tbsp white chia seeds 1 tsp Pitaya 💖 powder @mistydayplantpotions Stirred and refrigerated overnight.

Misty blue 💙💦layer: 100ml water 1 serving vanilla protein powder 1 tsp Cosmic Brew 💫 @mistydayplantpotions 1 tsp Butterfly Pea 💙powder @mistydayplantpotions 1 tsp Psyllium Husk 1 frozen banana 1 tsp maca Ice ❄️ 1 Tbsp Salted Macadamia 😘butter Blended until smooth. Topped with frozen raspberries, a sprinkle of coconut and plant potions, and a grainfree unicorn 🦄 cookie. That deliciousness on the side of the glass is crunchy 💘 peanut butter, with your choice of cereal 😍 Shove in your @caliwoods_eco straw and your sweet to go 😋 🌼

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