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Adaptogenic Chocolate Breakfast Yoyo

So I made these vegan, paleo babies as I have been trying to ditch the grains and thus have been eating the gorgeous Blue Frog Breakfast No Grain Cereal Cacao Orange Cereal. One day when I was eating it , I was like - this would make the most banging biscuit. So thus this no bake no grain biscuit was born.

I teamed it here with the most amazing adaptogenic avocado mousse. Like this stuff is OFF THE HOOK. And did I mention that its adaptogenic. Like busts stress, makes you feel happier, makes your feel like more of a sexy beast and gets you through those work outs! I cant sing the praises of these herbs enough. They have changed my life.

What do you need?


1 cup of Blue Frog Breakfast Crunchy Cacao & Orange Cereal

1/2 cup of medjool dates

Tspn Coconut Oil

Avocado Cacao Mousse

1 avocado

1 teaspoon of raw cacao

2 teaspoons Misty Day Bliss Brew

2 teaspoons of tangelo juice

1 teaspoon of Vigour & Vitality Hemp Butter

Coconut nectar

How do you do it?

For the biscuits, place all of the ingredients into a high speed food processor and blend well. Take the mixture and press into a silicone muffin tray until it is about 2cm thick. Refrigerate for a couple of hours.

For the mousse, Put off the ingredients into the food processor and blend until very smooth. Refrigerate for an hour.

To assemble, take a biscuit and top with a tablespoon of mousse and top with another biscuit. I topped these with a tangelo slice- from my parents tree down in Tauranga.

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