• Misty Day Plant Potions

Three tiered pink nice cream cup

We love banana ice cream in our house and it is so freaking versatile!

This one was actually a breakfast believe it or not, was super easy to make and guaranteed me as the mum of the century.

4 frozen bananas

coconut milk - to get the desired consistency

misty day plant potions dragonfruit powder

misty day plant potions rose petal powder

misty day plant potions moxie brew

Break up the four bananas and pop into the food processor. Blend them until they are all broken up into small pieces. While the processor is still going, add some coconut milk and process until it is a smooth ice cream consistency.

Split the ice cream into three bowls and add a little of each powder into each bowl until your get the colour you desire.

Choose a pretty little parfait glass and layer the ice cream. Then top with some flowers, fruit, nuts, seeds.. whatever your little heart desires..

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