• Misty Day Plant Potions

Unicorn Toast!

Breakfast can be a little boring.

Toast. Cereal. Eggs. Pancakes on a good day.

Break the breakfast mould and break out the unicorn toast.

All you will need is

Cashew Cream - Cashew cream is like the holy grail for the vegans. Gives you all the creamy goodness of cream but none of the cow misery. I like it as dairy isn't my fav either and neither is animal cruelty. Anyhoo- if you want to whip up some cashew cream just chuck into your food processor - a cup of cashews that have been soaked overnight, 1/2 cup of water or coconut cream. sweeten with some maple syrup and add a little vanilla... blend that shit up till smooth.... Or if you dont mind dairy, you can just rip into a tup of philidelphia and sweeten up with maple

Misty day plant potions. In the pic above I used Bliss Brew, Moxie, Detox and Pretty but you could use what ever you wanted

Natural coloured sprinkles- I use the Mrs Rogers ones...

Divide up your creamy stuff into as many lots as you desire, then mix up with your fav misty potions. Spread on your choice of toasted bread and then create your masterpiece.

Then instagram that masterpiece.

Then eat it.


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