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BulletProof Bliss Brew

So I was that girl.

The one that drank 10 coffees a day and was always chasing that super high where I thought was incredibly witty and charming and could work like a demon.

Sounds good in theory but what really happened was I thought I was a machine and operating at a higher level than everyone else but I was actually plagued with anxiety, heart palpitations and having a hard time hitting the hay ( and was quite likely slightly demented).

Don't get me wrong I am in no way, shape or form denouncing the wonder that is coffee. In fact, if I had to choose between having a daily coffee or never eating another fruit or vege ever again, I would just brace myself for scurvy.

But now i am a bit smarter - I love my daily bulletproof blissbrew coffee blend. It gives me all the caffeine goods - focus, attention, ability to talk, cloth and feed myself in the morning - but is less of a up and down buzz- ie- doesn't make me maniacally talk to the service station attendant for half an hour about how much I love Winston Peters and then be falling asleep at my desk by midday.

This stuff is the bizness! Cacao keeps you awake but chilled, ashwagandha gives you energy and makes your brain hum, turmeric gets the gut going and dampens inflammation, he shou wu and astragalus make you feel like you can conquer the world and when you couple this with a touch of coffee, some coconut oil or ghee and a bit o sweet ... you got yo self a morning elixir that will keep you pumped till wine time, I mean home time.

So this is how you make the morning drink to end all morning drinks

1 teaspoon of misty day plant potions bliss brew

1/2 teaspoon of misty day plant potions ashwagandha powder

big cup of almond milk

shot of coffee

teaspoon of sweetener - I like coconut sugar

teaspoon of coconut oil or ghee

Chuck it all in a milk frother and give it a blast. Otherwise heat through in a pot and then blend in the blender so it gets frothy.

Voila - blissful energy in a cup!!

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